Some info one me:

I’ve been a practicing artist since 1995, specialising in performance from 2003.

I have extensive experience performing nationally and internationally.

I’ve been nominated for prestigious awards, for example the MAC International Prize, and the LIVEWORKS Performance Act Award.

I’ve received  bursary awards from the Arts Council of Ireland, and I was awarded the The Arts Council of Northern Ireland Fellowship at The British School of Rome.

I’ve also acted as. Director of Catalyst Arts, Belfast, and my work is held in collections such as the ACNI Permanent Collection, and the Collection of the national University of Ireland.

I am also a musician, writer, educator, with full coaching qualifications and accreditations (ILM, EMCC)

My vision for Diamond Dog:

For the last ten years I have balanced my art life, with training and coaching in effective communication skills, storytelling, presentations and public speaking.

I’ve brought all these skills together by establishing a coaching and training company for artists/arts workers.

I envisioned Diamond Dog as encompassing many things:

-Training artists/arts workers in the fundamental skillset of public speaking (pace, pause, improvisation, shaping content etc.)

-Specialised support with spoken word, performative reading, and performance for voice

-Coaching clients in managing energy, dealing with anxiety, and overcoming nerves

-Training, supporting, and coaching artists/arts workers in becoming electrifying communicators.

Point of order:

Having said all that, I don’t even like the term ‘public speaking’.

It’s not the right fit for what artists/arts workers often do when they speak.

Maybe ‘heavy magic’ would describe what I feel about artists speaking.

I want to train, support, and coach heavy magic.
That sounds good to me.

What is heavy magic?
It’s what can happen when artists/arts workers speak publicly.

Something occurs. You feel it.
It’s liberating, and at the same time it nails your feet to the floor.

That kind of thing.