Our one to one program offers specialised training and coaching that is specifically tailored for each invidual client.

The coaching begins with a pre-coaching consultation call, to analyse your needs and clarify your goals.

A coaching plan and program is then agreed upon. The most common program covers four 75 minute sessions.

The coaching and training takes a holisitic approach to speaking as an artist / arts worker, exploring how you think and feel about public speaking, alongside extensive skillset training.

Areas covered include, but are not limited to:

* Helping you overcome nerves and develop a more positive mindest around public speaking

* Extensive practice of presenting techniques (body language and voice) through supportive and practical training exercises

* Tailored support for the rehearsal of performances / recordings / presentations

* Guidance in shaping content for presentations / artist talks / performance

* Specialised training in spoken word, writing for voice, vocal performance

* Specific skills training in online presentation to camera, eg Instagram, Youtube etc

The one to one program also offers generous support through:

* Extensive analysis of audio and video recordings, to increase awareness of the public speaking skillset, positively reinforce skillset shifts, and identify areas for improvement.

* Access to online resources and exercises designed specifically for artists / arts workers speaking publicly

* Continuing professional development in the form of Dig for Fire, our free monthly online workshop that offers peer feedback and support

Would you like to know more?

Download: One to One Coaching Program Brochure

Contact:  cian@diamonddogcoaching.com