Our story:

Diamond Dog provides professional coaching services and public speaking training for artists.

The vision of Diamond Dog is that artists fall in love with public speaking as an art form through which they can present themselves authentically and fearlessly.

Conceived by performance artist Cian Donnelly, Diamond Dog works closely with artists to coach and train a radical and rich approach to public speaking.

The services provided by Diamond Dog draw both on Cian’s distinctive practice as a performance artist, coupled with his extensive experience coaching and training in public speaking, presentation skills, and effective communication.

Our training:

We have designed our coaching and training to empower artists by deepening their knowledge, practice, and love of public speaking skills.

The training is supportive, practical, and tailored to the unique demands of presenting yourself publically within the art world.

We offer one-day workshops  and one-to-one training, delivered virtually or in person.

The training covers many aspects of public speaking, from dealing with nerves and anxiety, to managing pace, pause, emphasis, delivery, to shaping content, improvising, to speaking instinctively and fearlessly.

Our clients:

We have founded Diamond Dog for artists, gallerists, curators, and educators, who are motivated to improve their public speaking skills.

We have provided training for artists presenting artist talks, curators and gallerists delivering presentations to the public, and educators speaking at seminars and conferences.

Diamond Dog also designs specialised coaching for individual artists working with spoken word, vocal performance, and writing for voice.